If you’re living in a small apartment in New York City, you have to be creative when it comes to finding new places to store your belongings in your tiny space. But creativity can only take you so far since your living space can quickly become cramped as you collect more possessions. While you might not be able to start knocking down walls to give you more space, there are several things that you can do—including changing your window treatments. Believe it or not, window treatments do a lot more than give you the ability to control the amount of light that enters your home; the right window treatments can actually make any room appear larger! While on the other hand, choosing unsuitable window treatments can leave your apartment feeling cramped and claustrophobic. Take a look at our tips below to help you choose window treatments that will make any room look bigger. Following that, you’ll want to find a reputable shade store in New York City like Royal Window Treatments


Choose Window Treatments That Don’t Overwhelm Your Room

The key to choosing window treatments that make your room look bigger is to use low-profile window treatments. Roman shades, honeycomb shades, and even vertical blinds can make a room feel much smaller. When choosing window treatments for small rooms, buy roller shades, aluminum blinds, or wood blinds. These window coverings will complement your decor without overpowering it. 


Sheer Shades Maximize Natural Light and Space

Sheer shades are one of the best window treatments for tight spaces. This is because sheer shades not only let in plenty of natural light, but the translucent fabric practically disappears altogether, making any room appear larger. If you live in New York City and are in close proximity to your neighbors, we recommend lining your sheer shades or installing additional window treatments to maximize your privacy. 


Install Your Window Treatments Outside of the Window Frame

If your room looks small because you have small windows, you can make them appear larger which will help your room look bigger. You can do this by mounting your window treatments on the outside of the window frame rather than within. By hanging your window treatments a few inches above your window frame and letting the edges overlap the frame by several inches, your windows will appear to be up to a foot larger! 


Select Light Colors for Your Window Treatments

Although dark colored window treatments look stunning in many homes, they can make small spaces feel even tighter. On the contrary, light colors can open up any small room. For the best results, choose window treatments that are white or off-white. 


Increase the Height of Your Room

If you have low ceilings, you can actually make your room appear taller by installing floor-to-ceiling window treatments from your local shade store. When mounting your window treatments from the ceiling, your attention will be directed upwards, which will distract you from your low ceilings. 


Opt For Solid Colors Instead of Textures and Patterns

Choose window treatments that are solid in color, instead of busy textures and patterns. Even the simplest textures and patterns can make any room appear slightly smaller. When you live in a small space every inch counts, and selecting solid colors can create the illusion that your apartment is much bigger than it is. 


Remove the Clutter From Around Your Windows

When you have too many things around your windows, the illusion of large windows can be easily ruined. Remove any clutter from around your windows and try to rearrange your furniture so it isn’t directly in front of your window. Having a clear view of your windows and the light they let in can significantly boost the size of your living space.  


Purchase Window Treatments From Royal Window Treatments

Now that you have a better idea of how you can make your small living space appear larger, you can start looking for the window treatments of your dreams! If you live in New York City and are looking for a local shade store, you can reach out to Royal Window Treatments. One of our designers will reach out to you to show you our large collection (either in person or over video call). With your small space in mind, they will help you choose window treatments that fit your needs while dressing up your home!