Choosing the perfect window shades NYC for your home is no easy task. You’ll want to purchase shades that are functional and add beauty to your home. You should consider all window treatment options, including roller shades, to find what suits your home best. If you’re unsure which window treatments will fit your style and needs, continue reading to find out if roller shades are the perfect fit for you. Here are the top 7 benefits of buying roller shades.


1. Available in a Large Array of Colors 

Roller shades come in a large selection of colors and are very versatile. You’ll be able to find every color in different shades to match any room of your choosing. Looking for a unique color for your living room? Just ask Royal Window Treatments—we’ve probably got it! 


2. Easy to Use

If you’re looking for hassle-free window treatments, roller shades are the perfect solution for you! It’s quite simple to use them—all that you need to do is open or close them by pulling on their chain. Roller shades can be customized to meet your needs so if you want to be able to operate them hands-free, you can opt for motorized shades instead.


3. Roller Shades Are Practical

Roller shades are stylish and functional at the same time! Royal Window Treatments’ roller shades filter sunlight effectively, protect you and your furnishings from harmful UV rays, and help you conserve energy when closed. 


Looking for motorized shades? Our roller shades can be motorized! Unlike traditional shades that need to be adjusted manually, you’ll be able to open, close, or adjust your window shades NYC with just a click of a button! Motorized shades are extremely beneficial for hard-to-reach windows that are behind couches or in rooms with high ceilings. 


4. Roller Shades Are Affordable 

Buying a window treatment or two is no big deal, but buying shades for every window in your house can get quite expensive. If you’re moving to a new home or just need to replace all of your window shades NYC, you’ll want to save money where you can by purchasing affordable window treatments. Luckily, basic roller shades are a budget-friendly window treatment option that costs less than blinds and shutters. Of course, customized shades will cost you more than basic roller shades, but they are still cheaper than other window treatments. 


Additionally, roller shades can actually help you save money on your heat and energy bills by reducing energy loss! These ongoing savings will help you cover the initial cost of purchase and installation.


5. Simplistic Yet Elegant Design

Roller shades will give your home a modern and minimalistic appearance. They also come with a matching valance to complete the look! These shades can be installed in any room and will complement all types of decor. Roller shades also pair extremely well with drapery. Other types of shades or blinds can appear bulky behind drapery. However, roller shades can be installed inside your window frame, and adding drapery won’t clutter your window!


6. Easy to Clean

If you’ve ever bought traditional blinds, you know that it can be quite a struggle to keep them clean considering how quickly they collect dust. Fortunately, whether you choose a vinyl or fabric material for your roller shades, they are both made of one piece of fabric and have no folds. Roller shades are extremely easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. When they need cleaning, you can use a duster or microfiber cloth to wipe them down.


7. You Can Customize Light Control

Roller shades can serve many different purposes. You can choose from solar, blackout, and sheer roller shades depending on your needs. Solar roller shades allow you to let in or block out as much light as you want. You can opt for blackout roller shades for bedrooms or rooms that you want total darkness. Or you can choose sheer roller shades which block harmful UV rays without tampering with your views. Another option is to add liners to your roller shades such as privacy, blackout, and ones with light-filtering capabilities. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably the right combination out there for you. 


Ready to Buy Roller Shades?

Do roller shades sound like a good fit for your home? If so, reach out to Royal Window Treatments. Royal Window Treatments has been serving Manhattan for over 20 years and we’re known for our friendly service and high-quality products! We can help you get started on selecting your roller shades right away. Our designers would be more than happy to help you select the colors and materials for your window shades NYC!