Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades

If you are looking to elevate your home’s interior design, you can never go wrong with our honeycomb shades. The honeycomb shades come with a multilayer-design that traps hot and cold air, which makes them a perfect addition to your home if you want to conserve the energy consumed.

Also known as cellular shades, their unique hexagonal shape distinguishes these types of window shades. If you are not keen enough, you may confuse the honeycomb shades with the blinds for their continuous patter. All in all, honeycomb shades are perfect for any room, be it at home or your workplace.

At Royal Window treatments, we provide several options for honeycomb shades, ranging from single-celled to triple-celled patterns. We work expert designers and artisans to ensure quality products for all our buyers. If you would love to use some inspiration, visit our portfolio and check out some of our past projects.

Different homes are built with different window sizes. Nonetheless, wood blinds with dimensions of between 36 to 84 inches wide and 24 to 60 inches in height are termed to be standard sized. There is a probability that your home has standard windows, but before you fit the blinds, it is important to have the expert’s dimensions measured. Additionally, your windows may be irregularly shaped, which even makes it more necessary to work with us.

Here’s why you should get the Honeycomb shades

Are you still not decided on whether to go for the honeycomb shades in your Manhattan home? The following are some of the reasons we believe you will fall in love with our Honeycomb shades:


Honeycomb shades are a perfect fit for odd-sized windows and spaces where you want to allow natural light without compromising on your privacy. You will choose from a wide range of styles, colors, thickness, and fabric material. Therefore, you can have one customized to suit your tastes. We also allow you to choose the level of opacity you want on the honeycomb shade.

Functionality meets class

Our honeycomb shades come in a few varieties, cordless operation, manual pull cord and motorized option to make them more user friendly to you and your kids. You can either have them installed bottom-up or top-down, depending on the area you want them to cover.


Our honeycomb shades are tightly woven to ensure that they can serve you for a long period. You can trust that they will hold up to wear and tear, better than other window shades. Not only that, but they also are easy to maintain, and with their minimalistic appearance, no one will notice them if they are not in use.

Insulating Value

We ensure that our honeycombs are made to fit perfectly to your windows, it’s important because it helps to ensure that the window shades can provide better insulating value.

Transform your home today

If you are looking to find high-quality, durable, and aesthetically appealing honeycomb shades for your windows, we have you covered. Contact us for all your Manhattan window shade needs and be assured of getting the best experience.


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