The most human of desires transcended throughout human history is privacy and aesthetics along with the versatility of being able to control the light in your rooms throughout the day. Blinds have the opportunity to frame a window and a room, meaning choosing the right window treatment option is a hefty and important job. Blinds can vary in options of material from aluminum to fabric and of course—wood. Once these blinds fell out of fashion, but now they are once again returned giving rooms the touch they’ve been missing. But is this what you need? Are Venetian blinds effective and practical?

Distinguishability of Wooden Blinds

There’s no question, Venetian wooden blinds are aesthetic and stunning window treatment options. They fit nearly every room type: From classic, and luxurious to modern and contemporary—wooden blinds have become the all-fitting option. These wooden blinds have become timeless. When it comes to slat sizes, its smart to determine whether your rooms need a wider or thinner slat option and of course to fit the blinds to the window.

These wood blinds come in a variety of styles and materials (visit our gallery here or come by our showroom) —especially wood types. Basswood is one of the dozens of options offering amazing acoustic properties, which explains it is a popular choice. Basswood— also an amazing acoustic option, often used for instruments—Helps to rid rooms of annoying echoes. With its high-strength qualities, it doesn’t deform under the harsh weather conditions we are all too familiar with, here in New York.

Bamboo is also a popular lightweight blind material option. In comparison to Basswood, Bamboo has a hardiness to it. It is durable through both the years and the weather, making it an obvious choice for many. Bamboo makes an incredibly aesthetic and warm look in the rooms, this will explain why you commonly see bamboo slats in hotels, cafes, spas, and self-care centers. This option can change the atmosphere of your rooms instantly.


Advantages of Wooden Blinds

Country Style Wood Shades

Country Style Wood Shades

When choosing room decor, and options, take in mind the future as well, for instance, wood options are timeless and infinite, as they match the home and the furniture within. So just in case, you decide to color-coordinate your entire room, the blinds will not be a feasible issue. If you’re wondering about the practicality of wooden blinds, know they very much are. They suit everything from small to large rooms all the way to more difficult designing rooms such as restrooms and kitchens. A stylish, yet certainly cozy option.

If relative functionality is bothering you, that can easily cease to an end, venetian wooden blinds, ensure proper airflow throughout the rooms, while simultaneously reducing your room’s heat during the summer. With the right maintenance and conditions, won’t have to fret about water moisture and vapor collecting within your windowsill. All of this, while you’re free to control the amount of sunlight beaming in your rooms. What’s better than controlling the climate of your room, but also lighting and window conditions?

Amongst the biggest pluses is how you aren’t required to lift the entire blinds in order to let in some light, you easily can change the mode to let sunlight break into your home freely. With all these options, you can choose from countless options offered to you by the versatility of these blinds—this is a huge player in why these are functional and practical window treatment options.

From the dozens of options of wooden blinds, you honestly have the freedom to choose whether what is your best option or not. Make sure the blinds are used every day and move separately to maximize comfort and options. This is why you have the option of where to mantle it—whether from the ceiling, wall, window, or whatever place you think of. Look through our extensive wooden blind option to get a better idea of what fits you best.

How do you Clean and Care for Wooden Blinds?

One fact you must know about wood is that it dislikes strong detergents. To get rid of dust you can use a soft cloth or microfiber duster option. To effectively reach all parts with minimal struggling—turn the slats both ways in order to clean them. As mentioned, this isn’t difficult, it’s just fully practical.

There are as well different dusting and cleaning brushes on the market, especially for blinds with which you can reach all slats even when they are open, still letting light in. You may recognize them for having the iconic “E” shape to them. Remember, wood stretches easily underwater, so don’t use more than you need, wood blinds should always be cleaned either in dry options or maximum with a finely damp cloth.

You should note, that wooden blinds are designed to have full exposure to direct sunlight. This doesn’t cause discoloring and wearing over time. They are not fragile that to not bear the job they were made to withstand. Although, we do advise using lighter-weight options such as the previously mentioned Basswood or Bamboo. The heavier the blinds, the higher the chances of them being damaged.

To ultimately conclude, to organize your thought a little, consider this list of wooden blinds’ advantages:

  • Wood is a timeless and versatile option
  • Coverage of all window sizes—from big to small
  • Extensive wood options to choose from
  • Blinds are sunlight durable
  • Exotic wood panel options such as bamboo, don’t soak up water
  • Perfect fit for restrooms and kitchens
  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • Ultimate control of light acceptance in your rooms
  • Appealing and durable for years ahead

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