Over recent years, Roman shades have become increasingly popular among homeowners. This can be attributed to the timeless and versatility that they provide. Having been around for decades, you can rest assured that your home will get the transformation in deserves, with these Roman shades. The best part is you can have them customized to suit your home décor, be it contemporary or traditional, or a mixture of both.

What distinguishes the Roman shades from other shades is their appearance. They stack up evenly, something that’s not common for smooth appearances.

At Royal Window treatments, we provide you with the best Roman shades from various materials, ranging from wood to fabric, and in different styles. Whether you love cascading or rolled folds, we have you covered.

Another bonus feature is that you can also opt for either a manual Roman shade or a motorized shade to open and close them with ease. If you don’t have a specific taste of Roman shades you want, get in touch with us, and we will guide you.

What we love about the Roman shades is that they allow our customers to experience the benefits that come with draperies and window shades that are practical yet stunningly appealing to the eye.

Here’s why Should you choose Roman shades for your windows

Most people tend not to have a specific reason for choosing a specific product over the other. And there is no problem with that. But we at Royal Window treatments want to give you reasons to be happy about making your purchase. Roman shades have several advantages, including:

They get you the privacy you desire

If you want to add privacy and sound absorption to your rooms without installing heavy treatments on your windows, then our Roman shades are the perfect fit you’ve been looking for. Designed to offer maximum privacy, the Roman shades are as functional as they are attractive. With the light-filtering and room-darkening features, you can enhance your room’s privacy without compromising the style.

You will Save some energy bills

Roman shades are made to block light and heat, which can help maintain room temperature without overworking your air conditioner. This is something you will especially enjoy during summer. You can also have the shades insulated to retain warmth in the room during winter.

Stress-free maintenance

Roman shades are easy to clean and dust, which is something that most homeowners love. With a simple brush, once a week, your Roman shades will remain neat and appealing to the eye for a long period.

What are you waiting for?

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