Vertical blinds have slats that are vertical, whereas traditional blind slats run horizontally. Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding doors, bay windows, or any large window that is difficult to cover. If you have large windows and want a modern look, vertical blinds may be the right window treatment for you! Reach out to Royal Window Treatments if you’re interested in purchasing vertical blinds NY.


Choosing Vertical Blinds

When it comes to choosing vertical blinds, there are many factors to consider. Vertical blinds can be made of fabric, vinyl, metal, or wood. The blind slats come in a large variety of widths, although 3 ½ inches is one of the most popular choices. Our professionals at Royal Window Treatments will choose the perfect slat size based on your window’s measurements and your personal preference. You also have the option of cutting your vertical blinds to specific heights and choosing between different shaped slats. 


What Is the Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Blinds?

Vertical blinds open horizontally like curtains, while horizontal blinds are raised to open and lowered to close. Vertical blinds usually hang from a track that is covered by a valance. 


Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Do you want to make your room appear larger? Vertical blinds can add visual height to any room. By installing vertical blinds NY in your home, you’ll be able to effortlessly control light and privacy on large windows and patio doors. If a room feels dark, you can replace drapes with vertical blinds to let in more light without giving up your privacy. Rooms with lots of sunlight streaming in always feel bigger and more open. Vertical blinds can also be controlled easily by using wands, pull cords, or remotes.


Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds tend to collect a lot less dust than horizontal blinds and are way easier to maintain. When cleaning blinds, close them so that you can comfortably clean each slat.


Wood and Faux Wood

Dust with a feather duster every 7 to 10 days. Start at the top and continue working down the blind slats. Once you’re done with one side, flip the blinds over and repeat.



Attach an upholstery tool to your vacuum and vacuum each slat. Start from the top and work your way down. When you’re done with one side, turn the blinds to the other side and clean. Make sure to vacuum the track as well since dust can cause it to stop working properly.  



Dust metal vertical blinds every 7 to 10 days. To wash, remove and lay them outside on multiple towels or a large piece of fabric. Add a little soap to a bucket of water and use a rag or car brush to clean the length of the blinds. When you’re done with one side, turn the blinds over and repeat on the other side. Use a hose to gently rinse the blinds off, then allow them to dry.


For Stains

Use a sponge to gently wipe the area until the desired result is achieved. Tough stains may take more than one cleaning to completely come off, so be prepared to repeat this process after a few days. If using a cleaner, avoid spraying it directly on the blinds. Instead, spray it onto a clean cloth and use the cloth to wipe down the blinds. 


Stunning Vertical Blinds From Royal Window Treatments

Have we sold you on vertical blinds yet? You can’t go wrong with vertical blinds. They are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, and are extremely affordable. At Royal Window Treatments we have a beautiful collection of vertical blinds in an array of colors, styles, materials, and designs.  We’ll help you choose the perfect vertical blinds that complement your home and personal style. Do you live in New York? Call us and start selecting your vertical blinds NY today!