When choosing new window treatments, it’s important to consider the cleaning methods for different types of shades. You may prefer to buy shades that don’t need to be dry cleaned since their upkeep can be costly. If you’re looking for curtains NYC or any other window treatment, look no further because Royal Window Treatments has got you covered.  We can transform your home today and install your favorite choice of window treatments! Read this blog post to learn methods for cleaning roman shades, curtains and drapes, and roller shades. If you want to find out how to clean honeycomb or solar sun shades read Part 1: What are Some Cleaning Tips for Fabric Shades?


Roman Shades

Roman shades stack up evenly, they’re practical, and stunning to the eye. Frequent dusting or vacuuming will keep your shades looking their best. Some roman shades are washable while others are not. Do you want to buy roman shades NY for your home? Contact Royal Window Treatments and we’ll help you pick out the perfect roman shades for you!


Washable Fabric Shades

What household items you’ll need to clean them:

  • Duster or vacuum with an upholstery tool
  • Washing machine
  • Steamer

First you’ll need to dust or vacuum the shades to remove any dirt. Then remove all of the rods from the shades; either leaving strings attached or remove them.  Next, wash the roman shades according to instructions. Avoid using a dryer, instead hang the shades to dry to prevent any shrinking. After you’re done washing them, steam out the wrinkles, then restring and rehang.


Non-Washable Shades

If you are unable to machine or hand wash your roman shades, you’re going to have to dry clean them whenever necessary. This applies to roman shades that are made out of silk, wool, linen, or fiberglass-blends. 


Roller Shades

Roller shades reduce the amount of sunlight in your room without interfering with the views!

What household items you’ll need to clean them:

  • Duster or vacuum with an upholstery tool
  • Damp cloth

Dust or lightly vacuum the roller shades. Using a damp cloth, wipe them clean. Do not immerse them in water.


Curtains NYC and Drapes

Cleaning curtains and drapes can be difficult since you don’t want to risk shrinking them. Some people suggest getting them dry cleaned, while others say that dusting or vacuuming your curtains is sufficient enough to keep them looking beautiful. When you’re buying new curtains or drapes, it’s advised to ask what the recommended way is to clean them. If they are machine washable, use cool water on a delicate cycle, then lay them out to dry, and iron when still damp. If they’re not machine washable, dust or vacuum them and pay extra attention to the tops of the drapes and pleats since dust tends to gather there. For any curtains NYC advice and services, Royal Window Treatments has got you covered!