Cleaning blinds can be quite a frustrating and time-consuming process.  Tons of dirt tends to collect between the slats that should never go ignored. Weather, allergy sufferers, smokers, and kids can all contribute towards the challenge of keeping your blinds clean. A little love and care is all your blinds require every once in a while to keep them looking fresh. Need a little cleaning advice? Royal Window Treatments is happy to give you some! Don’t bother calling a cleaning company for your blinds NYC when doing it yourself can be a simple DIY project that is manageable for everyone.


How Often Should You Clean Your Blinds NYC?

It’s up to you to decide how often to clean your blinds. Some people may prefer to clean them every time they clean their house, or perhaps once a month. We personally recommend cleaning your blinds at least once every season; in summer, fall, winter, and spring. However, if you have a very busy schedule and can’t get around to it that often, you can get away with giving your blinds a deep clean twice a year. Constant dusting is an easy way to keep your blinds tidy.


Clean Blinds in NYC the Right Way

We’re going to cover various cleaning methods for blinds made out of differing materials. When cleaning your blinds NYC, it’s important to pay attention to the materials they’re made of so you don’t risk ruining them.  


How to Clean Blinds Made Out of Aluminum, Vinyl, Painted Wood, and Faux Wood

There are three methods you can choose from to clean shades made from aluminum, vinyl, painted wood, and faux wood.

Dusting: Use a feather duster or soft cloth for this method. First, you’ll need to close the blinds and dust one side. After you’re done, rotate the slats and dust the other side. 

Vacuuming: Vacuuming is a much quicker way to get the job done. So if you’re short on time you may prefer using this method. Close the blinds and use a brush attachment to vacuum one side of the blinds, rotate the blinds, then vacuum the other side. 

Washing: If your blinds are filthy, and you’ve already tried dusting or vacuuming them but it isn’t enough, you can soak vinyl and aluminum blinds in a bathtub or wash them outside with a hose. To clean them in a bath, cover the blinds with water and pour in two to three cups of vinegar and a bit of dish soap. Let the blinds soak in the water for a few minutes, then wipe both sides of the blinds down with a sponge. When you’re done cleaning the blinds, you can hang them to dry or lay them on a towel.


How to Clean Wood Blinds

Soaking wooden blinds blinds is a sure way to ruin them. Instead, you can wipe them down with furniture polish or lemon oil to help protect the wood and restore their beauty. If your wooden blinds are very dirty, clean them with a cloth dipped in a mixture of lukewarm water and dish soap. Rinse them with water and immediately dry using a clean cloth. Regularly dust your wooden blinds to keep them in top shape. 


How to Clean Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be extremely challenging to clean due to their massive size, but it’s nothing that a little dusting or vacuuming can’t fix. Frequent dusting or vacuuming can limit deep cleaning to only twice a year! Dust or vacuum the tops of each slat by starting from the top and continuing downwards. Spot clean the soiled spots using soapy water on a soft cloth, then wipe down with a clean damp cloth. If your blinds are super grimy, you can wash vinyl or aluminum blinds using soapy water and a sponge. When cleaning, place a towel under the blinds to catch any drops of water, then wipe down both sides of the slats, rinse and wipe dry.


Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds that are made out of aluminum, composite, or vinyl can easily be cleaned using a broom, hose, soapy water, and a mop. First, use the broom to dust off the excess dirt, then hose down and scrub the blinds with soapy water and a mop. If you have a pressure washer you can use it to brush away any loose dirt and powerwash the outdoor blinds. After scrubbing, rinse immediately, then dry using a cloth. This process may require the use of a ladder and a helper for safety purposes. 

Dusting and vacuuming can really help you freshen up your blinds, but if your blinds are stained past the point of cleaning, it may be time to buy new ones. Royal Window Treatments can provide you with many different options when it comes to choosing stylish window treatments. Regulate light in your home the way you want to while completely transforming your home. If you’re looking for the best blinds NYC, give us a call today!