You’re probably familiar with traditional cellular blinds, but have you heard of vertical cellular blinds for sliding glass doors? Vertical cellular blinds have panels that run vertically from the top of the window to the sill, as opposed to standard blinds that run horizontally. These window treatments provide greater insulation and noise reduction due to their honeycomb construction. Cellular blinds contain cells that trap air and act as a barrier between your window or, in this case, glass door and room. You can add even more insulation to your sliding glass doors, depending on the cell structure that you choose! 


Why Choose Vertical Cellular Blinds for Patio and Sliding Doors?

Why should you cover your glass sliding or patio doors? Although you may appreciate the natural light that your patio or sliding door provides you with, leaving such a large panel of glass bare has many disadvantages, including causing your furnishings to fade, damaging your skin, and leaving you completely exposed to your neighbors and random passers-by. Vertical cellular blinds are one of the best choices for sliding glass doors and here’s why:


Blend in With Your Sliding Door

Sliding glass doors can be quite hard to treat since you don’t want to install a window treatment that is too bulky and prevents you from using your door. Fortunately, vertical cellular blinds for sliding glass doors completely blend in with your glass door!


Minimalistic Design

Modern interior design is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, and vertical cellular blinds for sliding glass doors, with their clean crisp lines and accordion-like resemblance, are the ideal window coverings for contemporary homes.


Enjoy a View of Your Backyard Without Giving up Your Privacy

Part of the fun of having a patio or sliding glass door is being able to enjoy a view of your garden or backyard. But what about your privacy? Since patio doors have such large panels of glass, neighbors and random passers-by will be able to look into your home if you leave your sliding door uncovered! Vertical cellular blinds are extremely flexible and allow you to adjust them as you see fit (you may push them to the left or right however much you want to give yourself more privacy or more of a view). Sit back and relax while enjoying the beautiful view of your yard and feel free to adjust your cellular blinds whenever you want more privacy.


Variety of Design Options

With such a large selection of colors, styles, textures, and light filtering options (sheer, light filtering, blackout, etc), you’ll have the opportunity to design your vertical cellular blinds to your liking.


Temperature Control 

One of the biggest issues with having a sliding glass door is temperature control. Unfortunately, during the winter, a lot of heated air can escape through the glass, while during the summer, excessive sunlight can cause your home to heat up. However, when you install vertical cellular blinds for sliding glass doors, the cells will trap heated air and prevent it from leaving your home in the winter. Vertical cellular blinds will also help significantly with heat management throughout the summer. 


Easy to Use Option With Your Sliding Glass Door

When it comes to choosing window treatments for your sliding glass doors, one of the most important factors to consider is installing a window treatment that won’t interfere with your door’s functionality. Vertical cellular blinds can be pulled back and forth horizontally and can even be installed in the same direction as the door opens. This means that the mechanism won’t get in the way of opening the door. 


Enjoy Natural Light Without the Annoying Glare

While natural light can boost your mood, it has a number of drawbacks, such as creating an annoying glare that prevents you from seeing your computer or TV screen! If you want to enjoy natural light from your sliding door without all the disadvantages that it comes with, light filtering or room-darkening vertical cellular blinds for sliding glass doors are your best friends. Both of these vertical cellular blind options allow light to filter through them while offering privacy, insulation, as well as many other benefits. 


Purchase Vertical Cellular Blinds From Royal Window Treatments

As you can see, vertical cellular blinds are one of the best window treatment solutions for sliding glass doors since they are easy to use, help insulate your home, and will block out harmful UV rays. If you think that vertical cellular blinds are as great of a solution as we do, reach out to Royal Window Treatments to begin designing your vertical cellular blinds for sliding glass doors!