Cellular window shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are a great window treatment option for many homeowners. Because of their exceptional insulation and light blocking capabilities, these window coverings are quite popular. But why else should you purchase cellular window shades for your home? Continue reading to find out!


What Are Cellular Shades?

Before we get into the many advantages of cellular window shades, let’s take a look at how they work. Cellular shades are made of honeycomb-shaped cells that trap outside air and keep inside air from leaving your home. For instance, during the summer the cells trap warm air and prevent cool air from escaping your home. During the winter, cellular shades trap cool air and retain warm air. It is estimated that properly installed cellular shades can cut heat loss through windows by up to 40%, resulting in a 20% reduction in energy expenses! Still not impressed? Keep on reading to learn about the other benefits of honeycomb shades.


The Benefits of Cellular Shades

Now for the reason you came: the advantages of cellular shades!


Noise Reduction

Do you live near a busy street and want to reduce the noise? Falling asleep and getting work done can be difficult when there’s a lot of noise coming from outside your windows. Fortunately, cellular window shades can help block out some of that noise! 


Optimal Privacy 

If you’re looking for window treatments that allow you to enjoy natural light while maintaining privacy, cellular window shades may be the perfect solution for you! These window treatments are available in many different opacities, meaning that you can choose from light-filtering to blackout shades—whatever fits your needs.


Better Light Control 

Cellular shades are known for their effective light control options. Whether you want semi-opaque light-filtering fabrics to enjoy the sunlight while your shades are closed or total blackout shades to get a good night’s sleep, cellular shades can fulfill all of your light-blocking needs. Cellular shades are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, or any other room where maximum light blockage is required.


Ease of Installation and Operation

It’s easy to install and operate cellular window shades. To use them, simply lower and raise them by hand! For even easier operation, you can get your cellular shades motorized so that you can control them with a single push of a button.


Save Energy and Money

If you’re looking for new window treatments and trying to save money on your energy bills, cellular window shades can help you kill two birds with one stone! Properly fitted honeycomb shades will help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year long. You’ll be able to use your AC unit less often during the summer and your furnace less frequently in the winter, significantly lowering your heating and cooling bills.  


Child Safety

If you’re a parent or have pets at home, their safety is always your first priority. Many window treatments have cords that are a choking hazard for your little ones. Fortunately, cellular shades come in cordless options so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children and pets!


Custom Fit and Design

Cellular window shades are available in a large selection of colors, styles, and designs so you can customize your cellular shades to match your existing decor and furnishings! Additionally, cellular shades are extremely flexible, which makes them an excellent choice for non-standard window shapes and sizes. Do you have uniquely shaped or sized windows? If so, these window treatments can be customized to fit your windows!


Where Can You Purchase Cellular Window Shades? 

Have we sold you on cellular window shades yet? If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality honeycomb shades and live in New York City, contact Royal Window Treatments. Even if you’re only starting to look at window treatments, we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions. 


Royal Window Treatments carries several cellular shade options from single-celled to triple-celled patterns. We collaborate with professional designers to ensure that our cellular shades exceed your expectations!