The living room plays an important role in every home. It’s where you and your family can unwind at the end of the day by watching a movie or reading, as well as a room where you can entertain guests. Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating your living room, you’ll want to create a comfortable and relaxing space where everyone feels at home. But how should you design your living room? In this article, we’ll go over several helpful tips for designing the perfect living room, from choosing custom curtains NYC to picking the right paint color.


Select Custom Window Treatments

Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing window treatments from big box stores. When you buy off-the-shelf window treatments, there’s a good chance that they won’t fit your windows properly. Ill-fitting window treatments won’t effectively insulate your home, resulting in increased utility bills. 


Choosing custom curtains NYC is essential if you want to receive high-quality window treatments that meet your privacy, insulation, and light-filtering needs. Not only will custom curtains NYC perform all the functions that you need, but they will also play a huge role in the overall appearance and feel of your living room. Did you know that choosing the right window treatments can actually make your space feel and appear larger? Heavier curtains, such as velvet or brocade, can create a luxurious and dramatic effect, while sheer curtains offer a light and airy sensation. When designing custom curtains NYC, consider color, fabric, and texture to create the custom window treatments of your dreams! If you have any questions or want help designing your window treatments, Royal Window Treatments is only a phone call away.


Don’t Push All Your Furniture Against the Wall

It’s a common misconception that pushing all of your furniture up against the walls creates a larger and more open space. Instead, pull your furniture slightly away from the walls to create an intimate setting. As long as your furniture isn’t too big, this will make your living room appear larger! Additionally, choosing the right window treatments and hanging them correctly can actually make your room feel more spacious. To learn more about how window treatments can make your living room larger click here.


Pick the Right Paint Color

Picking the right paint color for your living room can be overwhelming since there are so many options! We suggest choosing a neutral color such as white, beige, blue, or gray. This will ensure that your living room doesn’t come off as too flashy and allows you to add plenty of personality to the space with artwork and decor. If you have a small living room, avoid selecting darker colors since they can make the space feel even smaller. Still want to use a bold color? Instead, choose a striking color for an accent wall and select a neutral color for the remaining walls.


Choose Stylish and Comfortable Flooring

Choose flooring for your living room that is both comfortable and eye-catching. For more neutral flooring that allows you to focus on your decor and furniture, install hardwood floors with an area rug large enough to surround your couch and coffee table. Placing an area rug on top of hardwood floors will add texture and a pop of color to your living room. The trickiest part of using an area rug is that you need to select the perfect size, otherwise you will be left with a small rug that looks unbalanced in your living room or a rug that is too large and makes your furniture look small. Tiling and carpeting are other flooring alternatives, although they are less popular. 


Pay Attention to the Details

It’s the small things that bring a room together. For example, you can buy custom throw pillows to complement an existing piece of furniture or your custom curtains NYC. To improve the room’s aesthetics, hang one or two pieces of tasteful art, mirrors, or plants. You can also boost your living room’s functionality by purchasing several lights including a large overhead light and one or two smaller reading lamps. 


Designing the perfect living room can be both challenging and exciting. The key is to design a room that you and your family will enjoy spending time in. Once you’re done with the painting, arranging, hanging, and decorating, you’ll be left with the living room of your dreams!