Searching for the right design when it comes to renovations and designing your home could be challenging. There is a constant search for the trendiest and most fitting styles, and zebra shades are by far the biggest compliment to your home living spaces. Haven’t heard of this window treatment? Well, that’s going to change, in this following blog we will find out what are zebra shades and you will determine whether they are the right choice for you or not.

What are Zebra Shades anyways?

Zebra blinds, also referred to by some as “dual blinds,” are rolling shades offering the perfect alternative to older shade models. With numerous different opaque fabric overlapping modes, these shades offer fascinating and aesthetic day and night alternatives through simple and quick adjustments; you decide how much privacy or light you’re letting into your rooms. Window treatments such as zebra shades are trendy and effective options for modern-style lovers.

How Do Zebra Shades Work?

The newer and slicker zebra blinds work differently from the traditional roller shades—zebra shades roll on an endless loop functioning from the lowest bar. Whether you’re controlling the blinds manually or in a motorized fashion, you can control the light and darkness levels by using shades and fabric stripes to achieve your desired mood in the room. Want more darkness and privacy? Spread out the fabric stripes and you’re suddenly engulfed in total darkness. Naturally, these blinds as well offer the capability to roll the shades all the way up to enjoy the view, and light or to see whatever the neighbors are up to. With these different stripe modes, zebra shades give you the power to transition from light to darkness in a matter of seconds.

What are they made of?

There are several fabrics used, depending on different factors, but much of the time you’d notice it’s made of high-quality cotton and Polyethersulfone (PES). Polyethersulfone is a strong and durable fabric that is safe and non-toxic. How is it strong you ask? Glad you asked, Polyethersulfone is fire and flame-resistant and toxin-free, assuring your family and yourself assurance and effectivity. Naturally, color options elaborately range with mutual styles as well.

Now that we’ve gone over all the important facts, let’s dive into the 5 things you’ve been waiting to know.

1. Zebra Shades can Smoothly Blackout

With Zebra Shade’s horizontal opaque and stripes, you can transition the lighting setting in your room from light to darkness in a matter of seconds. Whether you want your darkness and privacy, or want some aesthetic light beams to filter through, just adjust the opaque strips to whichever mode, suits you.

2. Light Filtering and Privacy

Zebra Shades are both privacy-ensuring and efficiently filter sunlight. These stripes simultaneously provide glare reduction, UV protection, and light filtering. When you set the stripes to overlap, you can set a dramatic light filtering effect in your rooms—this mode offers a calm setting in-between darkness and light along with permitting you to look outside. This mode is ideal for date night, movie night, dinner, or bedtime. When these stripes are spread out, this will cause your room to fall into darkness.

3. Durability

Polyethersulfone, the material in which zebra shades are made, is durable and even fire-resistant, and of course easy to clean—just dust them from time to time. If the shade got stained, use a damp cloth to dab it. Thanks to this special build, it can as well roll smoothly and seamlessly. As long as you’re treating your shades right and maintaining them, your zebra shades can last for decades and still appear flawless.

4. Versatility

Zebra shades are the ideal instance of ‘versatile shade options.” They fit into any room setting across the home and are fully customizable from colors, and fabrics to sizes. If you’re the type of person that has a constant contemporary craving, these shades are for no one but you, if you’re more of a traditional, and classical sort of person, these blinds as well come in more traditional options—there is something for everyone. Regardless if the window is big or small, the shades fit the window, not vice versa. Install them wherever you like across your home and achieve both aesthetic appeals along with effectivity it.

5. Energy Efficiency

Most are surprised to hear it, but you can save on monthly electricity bills by purchasing the right window treatment. How? You may ask? Investing in the right window treatment means you could prevent your air conditioning or heating escape through faulty or inefficient window treatments. Zebra shades are strong and efficient options to save your money while doing it in shaded style. The proper window treatment can save up for you up to 30% in electricity bills. During the winter, it keeps your home warm and cozy, and during the summer, it keeps the refreshing cool air in. Zebra shade’s double fabric layer provides critical installation, giving it an upper hand in comparison to other window treatments on the market.

Motorized Zebra Shades: Smart Home

Motorize window treatments are generally smarter options for those with high windows, or those who enjoy amenities such as controlling their home remotely. With just a click of a button, your zebra shades will roll to any one of the modes you wish. For additional control, and convenience, you can purchase a Smart Hub Home System, with this, you to control your blinds from any location through a conveniently free smartphone app. Additionally, you have the option to raise and lower your shades with time settings based on the sunniest or darkest times of the day, this option can protect your home from the hottest times of the day. In a move of ultimate control, you can pair your Smart Hub with Voice Assistance like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa to voice command your shades closed.
Besides for modern impressiveness and convenience, motorized shade options are as well safer as they lack cords, chains, and strings which can protect your children and pets. The latter can prove to be a hazard to your loved ones making motorized options also surprisingly safer options.

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