Computer windows teach us about window treatment design

Graphical user interfaces, such as Microsoft Windows, copied design concepts (and brand name) from building windows. There is more then just a brand name connection between computer design and window architecture.
From stained glass mosaics to lattice windows, inspiration and ideas were transferred to the world of computing.



From the dawn of the personal computer designer attempted to entice users with familiar design concepts.While Macintosh focused more on design, Microsoft looked at usability and functionality.
This could be compared with light and unobstructed view verses extensive architecture and colorful window cornices.


Susceptible to similar rise and falls of good design practices and trends

See some recent bad design trends in Linux, and in Windows. Macintosh is designed nicely however, often lacks the convenient functionality that others system have.



It seems ideas in graphical computer interfaces and real building windows are about to converge. Smart window or holograms are becoming more common to consumers.

Future of Windows

Compare 3D desktop to Smart Windows