Motorized shades for windows are an incredibly convenient window treatment option that has become increasingly popular in many households. When it comes to choosing motorized window treatments for your home, there is no shortage of options ranging from honeycomb shades to wood blinds. Don’t need new window treatments? You may be able to get your current window treatments motorized! In this article, we’re going to go over which window treatments can be motorized and why you should make the switch today!

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Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades offer excellent privacy, light-filtering, and noise reduction solutions. In addition, if you’re looking for shades that will help you save money on your monthly utilities, honeycomb shades can insulate your home by trapping air within its honeycomb-shaped cells, creating a barrier between the window and room. These window treatments are available in a wide selection of colors, textures, and opacities from light-filtering to blackout options.


Why Get Them Motorized?

While honeycomb window treatments already offer many advantages, you can further enhance their privacy features by motorizing them. Since many windows that require window treatments are located in hard-to-reach places such as in a basement bathroom near the ceiling or behind a tub, you’ll be able to easily operate them while maintaining the privacy that you need! 


Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are affordable window treatments that are available in a large range of colors, styles, and fabrics. These window treatments are great for adding style to minimalistic rooms or blending in seamlessly with existing decor. Pleated shades come in both light-filtering and room-darkening options, making them the perfect addition for practically every room in your house!


Why Get Them Motorized?

Motorizing your shades makes it ten times easier to adjust window treatments on large and hard-to-reach windows. Adding the motorized feature will make opening, closing, and adjusting the window treatments in your living room, home theater, and bedrooms a breeze. You’ll be able to darken or brighten your rooms without having to leave your couch or bed!


Roller Shades 

Roller shades are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices and can offer your home a clean and minimalistic appearance, which is perfect if you want to go for a contemporary style. Additionally, these window treatments help reduce glare while conserving energy!


Why Get Them Motorized?

Roller shades can typically be adjusted using a plastic or metal beaded chain loop that operates like a pulley system. The downside to the chain loop is that if you pull too hard on it, you can damage it or the fabric on your shades. With motorized shades for windows, however, you won’t have to lay a finger on your shades!


Solar Shades

If you’re looking for shades that filter out harmful UV rays without completely blocking sunlight, solar shades are an excellent option. Solar shades are also designed to reduce screen glare and regulate heat. Solar shades can be bought according to openness densities, which refers to how tightly the fabric has been woven together. For example, a 5% solar shade lets 5% of UV rays into a home while blocking out 95% of UV rays. The lower the openness density, the tighter the weave, which gives you a higher degree of light control. 


Why Get Them Motorized?

While solar shades have the ability to block out most UV rays on their own, they’re completely useless if they are not closed when the sun is at its brightest. With motorized solar shades, however, you’ll be able to program your shades to close at times of the day when the sun is the strongest to protect your loved ones and furnishings. 


Exterior Solar Shades

Want to be able to relax on a porch, patio, or by a south-facing window while still receiving protection from the sun? Exterior solar shades protect small outdoor areas as well as nearby windows and doors from harmful UV rays. These shades keep exterior areas cool by reducing excess sunlight and heat. Exterior solar shades are especially effective when it comes to lessening heat because they don’t allow the sun’s heat to pass through windows. These window treatments are available in a large array of colors, fabrics, and openness densities. Lighter fabrics reflect heat but not light, whereas darker fabrics are preferred for increased performance and reducing both heat and light.


Why Get Them Motorized?

Imagine how inconvenient it would be to have to go outside every time you want to adjust your exterior solar shades. With motorized exterior solar shades, you can simply push a button whenever you want to open, close, or adjust your window treatments!


Roman Shades

Roman shades are aesthetic window treatments that stack up neatly when raised and lay completely flat when lowered. These window treatments are extremely versatile and are available in a variety of different styles including standard Flat Fold, Plain Fold, Hobbled, and European. Roman window shades can be operated with a traditional cord, beaded chain loop, or can be motorized for added convenience.


Why Get Them Motorized?

Purchasing motorized shades for windows is a safe option, especially if you have kids or pets. Your little ones can become tangled in cords and even beaded chain loops, which can lead to strangulation or suffocation in the most severe cases. Protect your loved ones by choosing motorized shades. 


Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds, also known as Venetian blinds, are made up of a series of horizontal slats linked by cords. Horizontal blinds are well known for their superior light control; in addition to blocking out light, they can direct light to perfectly combine your privacy and light-filtering needs. Closing the slats completely will allow you to block out 90-95% of light while aiming the slats at the ceiling will allow morning light to filter into your bedroom without it getting into your eyes. Horizontal blinds come in several material options including plastic, aluminum, wood, and faux wood. All horizontal blinds are available in a wide selection of colors, stains, and textures to match your existing decor.


Why Get Them Motorized?

With motorization, you’ll have the ability to precisely adjust your blinds to get the exact angle that you want, all without getting up from your couch or bed. Additionally, when you motorize horizontal blinds you eliminate the need for external cords, so you won’t have to worry about your children’s safety! 



Whether you want to create a dramatic and luxurious ambiance or more of a casual and relaxed look, drapes are extremely versatile and can create any look that you desire! Drapes can be designed from a large selection of fabrics from heavy velvets to light and airy sheers! Thicker fabrics will provide your home with additional light control, privacy, and insulation, and thinner fabrics will diffuse light while still allowing you to enjoy natural light. 


Why Get Them Motorized?

Heavier fabrics like velvet, brocade, and damask can be difficult to draw and close. Fortunately, with motorized drapes, you won’t have to tug at them or struggle to part them. 


Which Motorized Window Treatments Should You Choose?

With so many different motorized shades for windows, it can be difficult to choose the best ones for your home. We recommend that you purchase motorized window treatments that meet your preferences, style, and needs for the room in question. For example, if you need to treat your bathroom windows, opt for motorized shades that are moisture-resistant such as faux wood blinds, vinyl roller shades, or aluminum mini blinds. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Royal Window Treatments if you need help selecting the perfect motorized window treatments for your home!