Ever wanted a complete home theater system but didn’t have money or space?

As digital film projectors get smaller and cheaper it is now possible for anyone to build their own quality home theater system. Traditional projector screens are unsightly and consume ceiling space. Using your window treatment to double as a projector screen makes perfect sense. Motorized roller shades make the easiest projector screens as they extend and extract on the press of a button. The projector itself could be placed hanging from the ceiling or temperately set up on furniture. A typical 1080p HD projector costs from about $200 to $500 on Amazon or B&H-photovideo. You want at least 3000 lumens if there is going to be some ambient light in the room.

But what does it look like from the outside?

Yes, the colors and shapes might be visible to someone on the outside. One way to deal with this is to know that nothing will be visible through blinds in the daytime. Another way is to make sure you are using roller shades or blackout blinds that don’t allow any light in or out of your home.


If you or your kids want a home theater system there is no excuse. A whole system including speakers and shade screen shouldn’t cost more than $500.