Royal Windows Treatments

Royal Windows Treatments

Windows can break or make your living rooms or office space. Sadly, most people often overlook the importance of window treatments. Window coverings bring about added functionality and beauty to any room they are installed in. When done right, window treatments give total control over the amount of light to allow in a room, and total control over the privacy you want to enjoy.

From honeycomb shades to roman shades, Royal Window Treatments offers a stunning collection of the best shades that will transform your room’s outlook. We have a wide collection of woven shades, made using the best fabrics, and technology that you will not find anywhere else.

Installing the right window shades will not only complement the general design and feel of your home but also solve some of the room’s functional needs like heat regulation. We give you the liberty to choose the material, the opacity, and the size of the shade you want.

The Leading Window Treatment Experts in Manhattan

Our team of designers will help you find the best shades in Manhattan, to use at home or in your office. You should understand that determining the perfect shade is dependent on some technical factors, and design principles that you may not have a good understanding of. It is for this reason that our designers are always at your disposal should you have any questions or requests.

All the window treatments we provide are custom made, either with state-of-the-art fabrication technology or manually. The hand-made treatments provide room for more creativity and design options to choose from for your home.

Our Products


Please go through our portfolio for the best shades we’ve worked on before, and that would be perfect for your home. We create several shade designs ranging from Honeycomb to Roman shades.


We provide versatile and stylish blinds for all window sizes. Our blinds are made with practical shade and screening.

Drapes and curtains

If you want your windows to feel larger and the rooms more spacious, our drapes will provide just that.


As a leading windows treatment company, we use the latest technology to design easy to use roller shades.

Why work with us?

Quality meets class

We will make your project our own and ensure that every detail in the design and fabrication process is carried out properly to create a quality blind, drape, or shade for you. We make use of the best quality materials and fabrics in the industry.

Premium customer support

We value your support, and that’s why we have in place mediums that allow you to reach us any time of the day. You can reach us by sending us an email via david@royaldecorators.com or give us a call on (212) 473 1111. Once you make contact with us, we promise to be with you every step of the way until you get your shades or blinds installed in your home.

What are you waiting for?

Trust the experienced designers at Royal Window Treatments with your Manhattan custom window treatment project. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we’ve become a premier windows treatment service provider, trusted by households for the quality services we offer.


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