On June 18 Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Government passed a law to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. A big part of the plan to accomplish this involves making our buildings more efficient. Cooling homes and buildings requires makes up a huge percentage of the total energy consumption. In warm climates such as Mumbai’s, air conditioning accounts for 40% of the power use. If electricity is to run our vehicles instead of gas the demand for power could double. This leaves less energy that we could afford to use on our homes.

With temperatures rising the need to efficiently cool our homes will be ever more critical. One of best ways to cut on air conditioning use is by blocking out the rays of the sun. A great solution if you want natural light but not the extreme heat is solar shades. If you are interested in a more extreme way to completely block out the heat from large windows try blackout blinds. The material of window treatments also affects its cool reflective qualities. For instance motorized wood blinds have been known to be energy efficient solution. Choosing between different curtains and shades could mean the difference of 10% and 45% heat reduction. See the following post for more details.

Window treatments could help control indoor climate and conserve energy.

Royal Window Treatments prides itself in being a environmentally conscientious business. Our company works hard to be part of the solution to worldwide environmental problems. We encourage other businesses to take initiative in joining the solution to help make our state carbon neutral. We believe the that New York City has what it takes to accomplish this goal. Our customers appreciate supporting from and eco-friendly business. All of us wish for a better world for our children to live in. This is how we can give back to the community in which live in.