Motorized Window Shades



Motorized window treatments are available in various power sources! Motorized window treatments are power driven and offer the ease of convenience, control and sophistication. Whether your windows have roller shades, automatic blinds, electric draperies, or roman shades, Royal Window Treatments has the knowledge and professional expertise to measure, fabricate and install your desired motorized window shades.

Battery Powered System – With this system, it’s not required to run any wiring, the motorized shades operate on batteries and depending on usage, they would need to be replaced every 2-4 years. Battery powered systems are controlled with a remote control.


DC Powered System – It’s a low voltage system

that requires wires to have reach from the motorized shade to the AC transformer. It’s ultimately maintenance free and requires no batteries! Operation of DC powered systems is either by a wall switch or remote control and a pre-wiring plan is recommended.


AC Powered System – This system is powered

on an AC voltage, from 120V-240V. Wires have to reach the motorized shade from a pre-wired AC resource. To operate an AC powered system it will require either a wall switch or remote control and a pre-wiring plan is recommended.


Radio Frequency System (RF) – A major advantage of radio frequency operated window treatments is that you don’t have to aim the remote control at your window coverings (window shades, window blinds or window drapes) to operate them; you can operate them from virtually anywhere in the house!

Somfy® RF systems feature wireless controls that include: remote controls, wall switches, and programmable timers. Additionally window treatments that are operated by Somfy® RF systems can be integrated with an AV home automation system.

Infrared System (IR) – This is the fundamental system, which is not recommended. The remote control has to be pointed directly at IR receiver to operate the motorized window coverings individually. Therefore, your window treatments cannot have any obstructions in order to function…NOT recommended.

More Advanced Controls & Convenience – If your motorized window coverings are positioned in several rooms, and you would like your controller to operate from diverse locations, you might be required to operate several window treatments in chorus or independently. In this case, RF systems are HIGHLY recommended!

Hard Wired Wall Switches – For these types of controllers, an electrician is required to run wires from a power source to the position you prefer the wall switch to be, as well as to the window treatment’s placement. A pre-wiring plan is recommended for hard wired wall switches.


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