Luminettes are vertical vanes inserted between two sheer curtains, and are at the forefront of window treatments trends. With a simple twist of the curtain’s cord, the homeowner can change the orientation of the vanes, and accordingly change the opacity of the luminette.

Luminettes offer five levels of light control. The sheerest panels 3/Skype gently disperse outdoor light, while permitting extensive entry into the room, which significantly reduces the need for daylight electrical lighting. Sheer curtains preserve the view of the outdoors, while softening and removing harsh glares Somewhat less sheer curtains cause more light diffusion resulting in a filtered and less realistic view of the outdoors, and with greater interior privacy. Medium sheer curtains admit filtered light, but not a discrete outside view, and provide a greater level of privacy. Moderately opaque curtain, block more light, and greatly increase privacy. Fully opaque curtains entirely block outside light and provide optimal privacy. They permit the greatest control of indoor room lighting.

Luminette open to the sides. Their parallel vertical construction stacks neatly, and they take up almost no area when fully open, thus permitting the homeowner an optimal outdoor view. They are ideal for picture windows or French doors. With the advent of trendy luminettes to contemporary window treatments, homeowners can now control light coming from the outside by selection of their luminette fabric, by buying sheer lumiettes with vanes that permit minute to minute adjustment of the opacity.


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