Living Room Window Treatments

Living room window treatments can make dramatic changes in your home. If you feel your living room is becoming a bit outdated, but you have timeless furniture pieces, you might only need to change the window treatments and a couple of decorative items to make it look fashionable again. Which window treatments you opt for will depend on various factors such as how much sunlight the room is getting, the size of the space, whether it has a nice view or not, and how you are using your living room.


Drapery treatments are a great way to add a touch of style and elegance to your living room. They could be purely decorative and you can choose a fabric that complements the furniture in your living room. For instance if you already have window blinds, you can simply add a valance or frame the windows with side panels. Multi-layered treatments are very fashionable and could help to le conserve energy in winter by keeping cold air out, as long as Makes you use the right type of fabric. The combination of a valance with panels and sheers is a timeless look and remains very popular. Drapes have a classic beauty to them and will work especially well if you have antique pieces or are going for the classic look.


Blinds are not only meant for an office setting, as they will look great in your living room too. Blinds are ideal if you have large windows and you want to keep your living room sunny without sacrificing privacy. Blinds work well in a minimalist, modern living room as they are unpretentious and will go well with just about any type of furniture. For a warm, natural look, opt for wooden blinds to match your living room floor or the wooden furniture in the space. Wood is a material that is sure to create a welcoming atmosphere in your living room.

Solar Screens

Solar screens are another interesting modern window treatment solution. These shades are environmentally friendly and will block damaging UV rays, while absorbing heat. If you have bold, colorful furniture, solar shades are a must unless you want to keep the living room dark all day long. The shades will prevent the fabric from fading, keeping your furniture vivid and beautiful. As solar 10th screens are see-through, they are also great if your living room faces a beautiful garden or stunning view. You can still relax and enjoy the view through the solar shades without letting the bright sunlight in.

Custom Fabric Shades

The benefit of choosing fabric shades is that you can have them custom made to your liking. Shades are no longer considered to only be a casual window treatment; the design and type of fabric you use can create a certain flair. You can, for instance, choose a fabric that suits your upholstery, or opt for something neutral in a small space. If you are using your living room as an audio-visual entertainment area, select blackout shades to prevent glare on your TV and enjoy the real “cinema” feel. Shades from a lighter fabric will cewe keep the room bright and sunny. Position a comfy chair or couch and ottoman storage filled with all of your favorite magazines in a sunny spot next to the window to create an inviting reading corner.