When buying new blinds NYC there are a lot of aspects to consider such as color, material and your window measurements. While you may be focused on the more obvious features, blind slat size is usually overlooked, however vital a role it plays in light control, privacy and affecting your ability to see outside views. Most homeowners will buy standard blinds or anything a store is offering, unaware that they’re buying the wrong slat size for their windows and will suffer the consequences later. To get the most out of your blinds, it’s best to determine the ideal slat sized based on your preferences and the size of your windows. 


Do you need help picking the correct blind slat size for your windows? Our designers at Royal Window Treatments can lend you a hand! We have a large collection of blinds NYC from wood blinds to mini blinds. Here is our guide for picking the right slat size for your blinds. 


Window Size

The size of your window is key to determining what the proper blind slat size should be. A slat size that is proportionate to your window will enhance it, while the wrong slat size will clash. For example, if you pair a large window with smaller blind slats, the numerous slats required to cover the entire window would make your whole room look cluttered and unorganized. 


Small Windows

Smaller window slats are generally best for small windows or windows that are short and wide. For windows that are short and wide you can use slats that are anywhere from ½ to 1 inch wide, which is the perfect slat size to add to the window’s height while not overwhelming the space. For small windows that are tall and narrow, feel free to use 2 inch slats since the window has extra height that can benefit from wider slats. 


Medium Windows

Being the most common of the three sizes, medium windows can use the 2 inch default blind slats. Blinds that have 2 inch slat sizes can be found in any store that sells blinds and have many select styles. However, if you don’t want to buy the default blind slat size, you can always go a slat size bigger or smaller, depending on your preference! Bigger blind slats will create a modern look while smaller blind slats will give you a more traditional style.


Large Windows

Big windows can be challenging to cover given their size. 2 ½ inches is the ideal slat size for large windows and can effectively cover them, while giving your window a unique look and feel. Never use small slats on large windows, since they will give them a cluttered feel. The larger your window, the harder your blinds will be to lift, so consider choosing lightweight materials such as wood for your blinds. Another option is to install vertical blinds, which are practical for covering patio doors and large windows beautifully.


Light Control

Various slat sizes can affect the amount of natural light that can enter a room while the slats are opened and how effectively they can block out sunlight when closed. If you are someone who prefers more light in your home while also having the option to effectively keep light out as well, you should choose larger slat sizes for your blinds. When the slats are open, blinds with wider slats allow more light into a room, and while shut they stop more light from entering because there are less slats. When they are open, smaller slat sizes allow a smaller amount of natural light to filter through because there’s a reduced space between the slats, while when they’re closed they don’t block out all of the light.



When open, larger slat sizes don’t provide enough privacy, however when they’re closed they offer a lot more. If you prefer to have more privacy in bedrooms or bathrooms it is better to choose smaller slats for your blinds since smaller slats have little room between each slat even when open.


Royal Window Treatments Can Help You Pick the Right Slat Size 

Whether you’re looking for blinds NYC for just one or all of your windows, Royal Window Treatments is here to help you choose the right slat size for your windows. All that you need to do is set up a free in-home consultation today and we’ll get started right away. Our staff will keep your preferences in mind while selecting and installing the perfect blinds for you!