You may remember roman shades as an outdated window treatment that was popular back in the 90’s but in recent years, they have made a major comeback while taking on a more modern look. Roman shades are a sophisticated way to add beauty to your home, while effectively meeting all the standard shade requirements. However, with such a large selection of colors and materials to choose from, picking the perfect roman shades for your home can be an overwhelming task. That’s why Royal Window Treatments is here to provide you with the advantages and setbacks of the four most popular roman shade styles to help make your choice easier! If you’re looking for roman shades NY, we’ve got you covered since we specialize in creating custom window treatments in the New York area! 


Standard Flat Fold Roman Shade

Standard flat fold roman shades are made of one piece of fabric, flat when lowered, and have no seams. Many homeowners choose this design if they want a pattern that won’t be interrupted by seams sewn across the shades. 


  • Most affordable because it uses the least amount of fabric
  • Easy to open and close
  • Fabric lays flat for a clean, minimalistic look
  • Patterns won’t be disrupted by seams
  • Folds up neatly at the top of your window
  • Can be motorized 


  • May look too casual
  • Sometimes folds won’t raise completely straight and will need to be adjusted


Plain Fold/Knife Pleat Roman Shade

Plain fold or knife pleat roman shades NY lay flat, but differ from the standard flat fold because they have seams every few inches which adds stability and complexity to their look. These shades are most popular for solid fabrics. The seams also help the plain fold shades roll up neatly at the top of the window.


  • Ideal for solid colored fabrics
  • Seams add intricacy to the design
  • Seams help fabric fold evenly
  • Looks beautiful on the glass windows of doors 


  • Not recommended for patterns


Hobbled Roman Shades

(Roman Shades NY)

This traditional style is made with loops or folds of fabric that keep their appearance even when the shades are lowered, giving off that timeless roman look at all times. If your shades will be lowered most of the time the hobble style is the perfect choice for you! The ideal placement for hobbled roman shades is in formal rooms such as living and dining rooms and bedrooms because of room darkening abilities.


  • Most elegant roman shade
  • Great for subtle prints or solid colors
  • Gives your room a classic roman look even while the shades are lowered
  • Extra fabric gives the shades a bit more room darkening


  • Is more expensive because requires more fabric
  • Not recommended for lightweight fabrics because they will not hold their form when lowered


Relaxed/European Roman Shade

Lastly, relaxed or european roman shades are the most popular of the four roman shade styles. Relaxed roman shades have a gentle curve at the bottom. This style is both charming and casual, provides semi-privacy, and is best used for decorative purposes. 


  • Charming and stylish
  • Can get a cordless design


  • Not the most functional for daily raising and lowering
  • Needs shaping and dressing 
  • Doesn’t provide much privacy


If you absolutely love this roman shade style, but want more privacy, you can pair this curved shade with a roller light filtering or blackout shade! This way you can leave the roman shade in it’s position while lowering the roller shade for privacy and light control. Just call us at Royal Window Treatments and we’ll make sure you have enough depth in your window for both shades to fit. Schedule a free in-home consultation with us to find out!

While there are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing roman shades NY, there’s no need to stress about which style to choose when we can bring samples from our large variety of fabrics and linings to your home! At Royal Window Treatments, our goal is to customize and install the perfect window treatments that will not only fit your style, but meet all of your needs while functioning correctly.