Blinds are a popular window treatment choice for many reasons. Not only do they provide you with much-needed privacy, but they also prevent your furniture from fading, and enable you to modify the natural lighting that comes in throughout the day. Most importantly window blinds NYC can provide you with proper insulation and save you money all year round! Think about it: instead of blasting your air conditioner in the summer, and heater in the winter, all you need to do is buy energy efficient blinds that provide natural protection from the elements so you don’t have to rely on energy-driven appliances that drive up your utility bills!


According to the Energy Department, correctly installed window coverings can decrease heating and cooling expenses by reducing energy loss through windows. Energy-efficient window coverings can effectively cut energy usage and help you save money on your electricity costs! 


However, in order to reduce the cost of your utilities, you must constantly adjust your blinds throughout the day and at different times of the seasons. For example, in the summer, close your blinds in the afternoons to keep out sunlight, and open them at night when it cools down. It’s recommended to keep them closed throughout the winter, with the exception of a sunny day.


Since it can be difficult to remember to open and close your blinds at different hours of the day, Royal Window Treatments offers motorized blind options to customers that live in New York City. Our motorized blinds can be programmed to open and close throughout the day!


Here are the best energy efficient blinds to help you maintain low energy costs throughout the year:


Wood Blinds

Royal Window Treatments’ natural wood blinds are both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient (when closed). In addition, they block harmful UV rays and minimize solar heat gain. Royal Window Treatments has a large selection of wood window blinds NYC in an array of colors, stains, and styles! 


Faux Wood Blinds

If you’re looking for a blind that can do everything from providing moisture resistance to reducing energy consumption and energy costs, faux wood blinds can do it all! Faux wood blinds look exactly like real wood blinds but instead are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl, or composite, making them moisture resistant. 


When closed, faux wood blinds protect your furnishings and flooring from harmful UV rays and provide extra insulation. However, their use is not restricted to areas with high temperatures or direct sunlight. Faux wood blinds can be used in high humidity areas like kitchens or bathrooms. 


If you’re interested in purchasing faux wood window blinds NYC, give Royal Window Treatments a call! We’d be happy to help you select the perfect faux wood blinds for your home. We have a large variety of colors and stains that you can choose from. 


Motorized Blinds

Our motorized window blinds NYC provide exceptional benefits such as increased energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort. It can be challenging to remember to adjust your blinds several times throughout the day. For your convenience, you can program your blinds to open and close at particular times of the day to save the most money!

Motorized blinds from Royal Window Treatments are the ideal window treatment solution for improving your lifestyle while providing you with true customization! Additionally, because motorized blinds do not have hanging cables, they create a safe environment for children and pets.

Do you want to reduce your reliance on energy-driven appliances? With energy efficient blinds, you can! If any of the energy-saving blinds mentioned above piques your curiosity, call us right away to get started on selecting the perfect window treatments for you! Alternatively, if you don’t know which blinds are the best match for you, our design experts will be delighted to assist you in selecting window blinds NYC that meet your needs while complementing your style. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with us today!