Find out why people living high up in tall buildings need privacy window treatments. Many people naively believe that living in an upper floor of a high rise building, far above the prying gaze of passing pedestrians, will automatically protect them from unwanted visual intrusion, but nothing could be further from the truth. High rise voyeurism is alive and well. Using cameras, telescopes, and other technical equipment including drones, apartment and hotel voyeurs catch many unsuspecting residents in embarrassing situations ranging from sex to masturbation, and capture the view on film.

Read what some high rise voyeurs write about their practice on web blogs.

“Since I live on the 5th floor of an apartment building, I have had many opportunities to use my binoculars to find nudity through the windows of the buildings (and hotel) facing mine…”

“Though I have never had the pleasure, I understand that high-rise apartment buildings are prime viewing targets…”

“Night voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping or photographing one’s neighbors at night within illuminated rooms. The equipment consists of telescopes and telescopic lenses for high resolution cameras . Night voyeurs usually live across high raise condo buildings or across high raise hotels…”

“Many people who live in high rise buildings with hundreds of apartments or stay the night at a huge hotel with hundreds of rooms do not even think about the possibility that someone might be watching them through their window at night…”

“During a conference in Las Vegas which was held at a hotel with two towers facing each either, Igor and crew counted roundabout 100 hotel rooms at night which allowed to look inside…”

” Since 2011 more and more sophisticated self-propelled neighbor spy devices are available. The lower range of those “spy drones” are remote toy helicopters equipped with a cheap camera. One of the most sophisticated devices and Igor’s favorite tool to look through neighbors windows is the DraganFly X6 spy drone…”

High rise voyeurism is real, and preventing it it’s complicated by the fact that many high rise residents don’t want to sacrifice the stunning view they have from their windows, especially at night, when they erroneously believe they are alone with the city lights far below and the stars peeking out through urban smog above. So how can victims of high rise Peeping Tomism ensure their privacy without having to sacrifice the view from their picture windows. The answer is to purchase and install custom privacy window treatments.
Privacy window treatments are a variety of window dressings that allow building dwellers to look out while restricting the view of people who would seek to look in. The most advanced privacy curtain is the solar shade. Solar shades soften sunlight, while allowing people inside to look out and see the outside view. These types of shades come in different levels of opacity, and even the intermediate level of opacity will block people from looking in at night while permitting dwellers to make out the outer view, night or day.

Roman or fabric shades, which fold up like blinds, also allow light in but block outsiders from peering in. They come in different opacities and can be used for rooms where outside light is desired but the ability to see details out the window is not needed.

Blinds can also be used to insure privacy while allowing an outside view. By tilting the vanes to an acute angle, a person can see all the details of the outdoors that he wants , but an outsider attempting to see in, especially from a distance, will have a severely restricted view of the room. Top down blinds allow even more ability to see out, without sacrificing room privacy.
As a last resort, a high rise tenant wanting total privacy, as for a bedroom, can purchase top down blackout shades. When closed the shades will block out 99% of the light, and will make viewing from outside  impossible. When viewing out is desirable the shade can be opened from the top down permitting the apartment or condo dweller to look over the semi open shade while blocking voyeurs from a distance from seeing details lower down in the room.

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