Dining Room Window Treatments


Leaving the windows bare is usually not the best option for any room in the house. The dining room tends to be a place where the entire family comes together to enjoy a meal. Because of this, creating a comfortable environment is of the utmost importance. While the dining room window treatments are just one aspect of decorating when it comes to the room, this is a great way to add a little special flair and style to one of the most used rooms in the house.

Traditional Treatments

Simple blinds and simple curtains are always an option for any space. While this may not add much to the decor, they can blend into the walls and allow other pieces in the room to stand out. If this is the goal for the window treatments, the focus should be on fit and quality materials. Blinds and curtains should fit perfectly and should be created using quality items that will last.

Wrapping Fabric around the Pole

Window treatments don`t need to be heavy handed. In fact, in some cases, less is more. Consider looking for longer pieces of fabric that matches the overall look of the room. These materials tend to look like oversized scarves. Wrap it around a decorative pole about the window. There is no need to keep the wrapping even. This is a great opportunity to be creative and try new things. Allow the scarf to drape down on only one side, or create an even amount of excess on each side.

There is no need to stick with traditional textures. Use silks, wool, or even canvas to drape across the pole. This technique used in the dining room offers some level of flexibility. The pieces of fabric can be changed and moved over and over again to create a new and different look.


There is no need to only have one type of window treatment on one of the dining room windows. Some people add a little bit of extra interest to their windows by layering different types of window dressings. For example, a solid color valance is simple and elegant. Alone, it doesn`t add much to the room, but with sheer curtains laid over the top, a new and different look can be created. Layering often creates the need for multiple poles over the window, but this too can be used as a decorative feature.

Using Different Objects over the Windows

Traditional curtains are not the only option for window treatments. In the dining room, different items can be strung up from a pole to fall down over the top of the window. In some cases, something like fishing wire is used to create a floating effect over the window. At other times, the objects are strung together at various lengths to create a unique and interesting look.

Homeowners have a lot of flexibility when it comes to this option. Small tiles, different types of silverware, or even small mirrors can come down over the top of the window. Much like other window treatment styles, this can be layered with other options to create some depth.

As with any type of window treatments, the goal is to match up with the existing pieces of furniture in the room. With the help of new furniture for the space can be acquired and then different window treatment options can be examined. Time around the dinner table is precious and Living everything from the furniture to the window treatments can make a difference in how the area looks and feels.