The infographic titled, “Facts about Designer Roller Shades” talks about various lift systems of designer roller shades. Roller shades are one of the most popular and functional types of shades that are constructed using a wide variety of fabric choices.

Different options in lift systems of roller shades include:

Custom clutch system: Custom clutch system is the newest update to the roller shades, allowing shade-to-shade lift uniformity and minimum light gap on both sides.
Literise system: This is a cordless option that comes with either a small tab or 6 inch decorative cord to move the shade up and down with ease.
UltroGlide single retractable cord system: UltroGlide single retractable cord system provides a stationary cord length with the shade being in the up or down position to help keep with pet and child safety.
PowerView motorization system: PowerView motorization system allows your shades to connect with the battery operated pebble remote.

For more details about various lift system options in designer roller shades and styles of cassettes and bottom rails, please refer the given infographic.