Roman shades are timeless; they have been used to adjust light and ventilation in rooms for centuries. Providing a clean modern look, they can dress up any room. The variety of styles, colors, and fabrics that you can choose from makes them very versatile. To help you select the right kind of roman shade for you, it’s important to consider a few different things such as which rooms they can be installed in, which colors and fabrics will compliment your home, and whether or not they need to be lined. There are many benefits to installing roman shades in your home from the privacy they provide to the energy costs they’ll help you save! If you find yourself wanting roman shades installed in your home and you’ve been googling “roman shades, NY,” Royal Window Treatments is located in NYC and can be your go-to place!


Which Rooms Can You Install Them in?

Roman shades can be used in any room, depending on the materials they’re made of. Traditional fabrics cannot be used in damp places like kitchens or bathrooms since they can collect mold and grime easily due to humidity. However, you can use polyester and cotton blends or 100% cotton fabrics in damp rooms since they can be frequently washed. Other than the bathrooms and kitchen, roman shades of any materials can be installed in any room! You can choose from many fabrics based on how much sunlight you want to filter out. 


Which Fabrics to Choose?

Direct sunlight can cause damage to the color of the fabric so it’s important to choose the best kind of fabrics to avoid any color fading. If your windows are poorly insulated, you may want to choose heavier fabrics such as velvet or pure wool. Or if you’d rather have crisp and sharp folds,  you might want to go for a light-weight or medium-weight fabric. Light-weight fabrics include taffeta or faux silk and medium-weight fabrics include types of cotton and linens.


Lined or Unlined?

Liners act as an extra filter between the sunlight and face fabric and can help prevent fading. Most people prefer to use blackout lining because they reduce the rate of fading and they provide insulation. If you have a room that is not directly facing sunlight, it’s not necessary to line the shades to maximize the natural light in the room. Don’t worry, your fabric won’t fade!  


Choosing the Color

And now for the most exciting part of the process, choosing the color of the fabrics! There are so many choices when it comes to choosing the color of your shades. You can go for a neutral color that matches the room, or a color that contrasts with your room instead. If you want to make a room feel more exciting and vibrant, you can choose bright or patterned fabrics to complement the room. Be bold and experiment with different patterns and prints—there really aren’t any limitations. If you want to get real creative, another option is to border your shades with ribbons made from a material of your choice. When it comes to picking colors for bedrooms, you may want to choose darker colors to let minimal light in. The choices are endless and it’s up to you!


Choosing the Style

Roman shades have a variety of options when it comes to choosing the style! These styles give your shades different folding patterns. Each style can give your room a different feel.

Flat: Uses a single piece of fabric and doesn’t have dowels.

Classic: Uses dowels for a neatly folded look.

Relaxed (European): Use for a more relaxed and soft look, it’s not as stiff as the other styles.

Hobbled: Similar to the classic style and uses dowels.

We at Royal Window Treatments, hope that these roman shade tips will help you design your home the way you want it to look. When it comes to choosing roman shades use your creativity and trust your instinct. There are a lot of options and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can give you recommendations. If you’re looking for custom roman shades, NY give us a call!