The natural look of genuine varnished or stained wood or even faux wood blinds is a great way to add charm and an ‘eco’ feel to any room in your house or apartment. It’s also a lot more interesting design-wise than simply hanging up white or beige blinds.

You’ll find the majority of wood blinds these days are produced from a particularly lightweight timber (usually paulownias or basswood). That’s because this type of wood has a light grain and is easy to sand and stain. It’s also reasonably sturdy and looks good – to the extent it’s not necessary to put up drapes with it too.

When it comes to the maintenance of wood blinds though it’s worth remembering that wood can stain easily. Because of this it’s perhaps not ideal to have wood blinds in the kitchen or bathroom, unless the blinds are away from sinks or ‘messy’ areas. Wood blinds can also warp if they get wet or damp which would ruin their appearance, not to mention their effectiveness (after all, the main reason they’re there is to shield your fabrics and the rest of the room from the strong rays of the sun – and for privacy, of course).

Wood Blinds New York, Los Angeles, Florida

It seems that regardless of which side of the States you’re heading for this spring or summer, you’ll find wood blinds. The practical nature of faux wood blinds in keeping out the sun is obvious (great for Los Angeles and Florida) while the real wood blinds create beautiful rustic looking interiors for those of us on the for colder east side of the country.

How to clean wood blinds

Genuine wood blinds obviously require special care when it comes to cleaning. Initially you should dust each individual slat either by hand with a microfiber cloth or using a portable vacuum cleaner for speed.

Next, get special wood cleaning fluid and squirt a small amount on the cloth (make sure it doesn’t contain wax or strong chemicals) then again, wipe each individual slat. If the blinds are especially dirty then you can use a damp paintbrush dipped in fabric softener and wipe it along the slat to pick up dust. Next use oil soap on a clean cloth. To apply more pressure to the blinds for a better clean you could always dismantle them and clean them on the floor

Grab a fabric softener sheet. Rub it between your hands while wearing a pair of cotton mittens or gloves. This will limit static while cleaning the wood blinds. Carefully rub your hands along each slat until the wood blinds are clean.

How to clean faux wood blinds

Because faux wood blinds are made of a combination of wood and vinyl they actually feel like plastic.  Obviously like other types of blinds, the dust will gravitate to them over time so they’ll need the odd wipe down and clean.

The first thing to do is dust each individual slat with a dry cloth, making sure you cover both sides. It’s also possible to use a small portable vacuum for quicker work. To clean them just wipe them over with a damp cloth which has been dipped in a solution of detergent and warm water.

Clean both sides of the slat and remember the cords too then rinse with clean water. If the blinds are really grimy you could always unhook them and soak them in the bath in warm water for an hour or two. Dry them either by hand or using a small portable fan. Opening the window, if it’s windy, helps too.

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