Brooklyn Film Festival

We are committed to supporting cultural programs in New York City. The festival was held between June 1st and June 10th. The events took place mostly in the neighbourhoods of Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn. The Film Festival presents a window in time of culture and art.

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Use your Window Treatment as a Projector Screen

As digital film projectors get smaller and cheaper it is now possible for anyone to build their own quality home theater system. Traditional projector screens are unsightly and consume ceiling space. Using your window treatment to double as a projector screen makes perfect sense.

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Window treatments could help control indoor climate and conserve energy.

Using blinds and shades properly can dramatically reduce summer cooling and winter heating costs. Depending on the season different window treatment types are ideal. In this post we explain how to design the most comfortable and Eco friendly window treatment for your home.

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“Blind” Meanings and History

The word “blind” as in curtain obviously comes from same term meaning “unable to see.” When a window is covered up with a curtain who becomes blind? The outsiders are blind to what is happening inside, the insiders are blind to what is happening outside, or maybe the people inside can no longer see because of lack of sunlight.

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Blind Safety for Children and Pets

Royal Window Treatments is now offering a guide on blind safety. Most people are unaware that there have been 600 reported cases of death in the US due to window cord strangulation since 1986.

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Benefits of using Vertical Blinds NY [Infographic]

The info-graphic titled as “Advantages of installing vertical blinds NY”, states few importance of installing vertical blinds in office and home. Vertical blinds offer an affordable and functional way of controlling light.

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Different lift System Options in Roller Shades [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Facts about Designer Roller Shades” talks about various lift systems of designer roller shades. Roller shades are one of the most popular and functional types of shades that are constructed using a wide variety of fabric choices.

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Why Choose Custom Wood Blinds? [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Enjoy Window Treatments with Custom Wood Blinds”, describes all about custom wooden blinds. Windows are a major focal point in a room. With right kind of window treatment, you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your windows. One of the best window treatments are the window blinds.

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Important Tips to Clean Different Types of Window Shades [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Cleaning Tips for Window Shades” describes various important tips to clean and maintain different types of window shades. Window shades are decorative and functional window treatments available in an array of styles.

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