During the ongoing pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. However, many professionals are realizing that their home offices aren’t equipped to handle full-time remote work. Choosing window treatments in NYC that reduce the glare on your screen will not only help you work more efficiently but will improve the appearance and comfort of your workspace.


How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Home Office

When choosing window coverings for your New York City home office, the first thing to consider is functionality. What purpose do you want your window treatments to serve? Do you want them to be able to block out as much light as possible or provide you with maximum privacy? Your window treatments should meet your needs while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. After all, you’ll be spending 8+ hours a day in your home office, so you should be happy with the way it looks. 


The second aspect you need to decide on is what type of lift system you want for your window treatments in NYC. Your two options are a cordless system and a motorized one. Motorized shades are particularly useful if you have hard-to-reach windows that are high up or behind large pieces of furniture. You can choose to control motorized shades from a remote or an app on your smartphone. Motorized shades are the more expensive option of the two, so if you don’t want to invest you can always purchase cord-free window treatments


Our Top Window Treatment Picks

Decorating your home office in New York City should be a fun and exciting experience! However, since the process can be slightly overwhelming, Royal Window Treatments is here to help you make the decision easier. Here are our top window treatment picks for your home office: 


Solar Shades

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of natural sunshine without having to pay the price? Solar shades may be the right window treatment option for you! Solar shades will protect you from harmful UV rays while preventing your furniture and décor from becoming discolored. Additionally, solar shades reduce any sun glare, so if you’re working on your computer screen, sunlight won’t interfere with your work.


Roller Shades

If your computer screen isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, you won’t need solar shades. Roller shades, on the other hand, are a wonderful alternative window treatment choice if you like the simplicity and modern style that solar shades provide. Roller shades are not only functional, but also fashionable, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. You may opt to motorize roller shades for even greater convenience!


Wooden Blinds  

Do you have beautiful wooden cabinetry or a desk that you want to accentuate? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to install wooden blinds in your home office! Wooden blinds are elegant window treatments in NYC that never go out of style and add a luxurious feel to any home. These blinds are extremely durable and come in a large selection of colors and stains to complement any décor. 


Faux Wood Blinds

If you love the look of real wooden blinds but don’t want to pay the price tag, or you’re afraid that your blinds might warp, faux wood blinds may be the perfect fit for you! Made from a mixture of wood and PVC, faux wood blinds look like the real deal but come with many additional benefits. Not only is it simple to control light and privacy with these window treatments, but they are also durable, moisture-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean!


Woven Wooden Shades

Want light filtering capabilities but you’re not a fan of polyester fabric? Say hello to woven wooden shades. Woven wooden shades are similar to roller shades, except instead of fabric, they are made of woven bamboo, wood, and reed. These window treatments block out a lot of light which is ideal for a home office but can be slightly see-through at night when backlit. If you use your office at night, you may want to consider adding a blackout liner as well. 


Working from home can feel isolating, especially if you’re not comfortable in your home office or don’t like how it looks. That’s why we suggest spending a little time designing your home office the way you want, starting with choosing the perfect window treatments in NYC. Contact Royal Window Treatments today to start selecting the right window treatments for your home office!