Guest Post: This  post was submitted by Amanda Haines on behalf of Forrest Furnishing in Glasgow Scotland. The article is full of interesting suggestions about window treatments for every room in the home including bedroom window treatments.

One of the easiest ways to add personality, class and elegance to the rooms in your house is to create window treatments. Gather ideas you like by perusing decorating websites and taking notes of color combinations, fabrics and styles that catch your eye. Another easy way to combine your inspiration is to page through decorating magazines and tear out pictures of window treatments you like. Bring the ideas to your interior decorator and they can help you put your ideas together to find a window treatment that works well with the shape and size of your windows, as well as the decor and style in the rest of the room.

By working with an interior decorator, you can combine your ideas with their ideas and successful window treatments they`ve used in the past. Chances are, they have photos of previous projects that can help inspire you or give you an idea of what you don`t want. Make sure you clearly express your preferences. You don`t want to wind up with window treatments that you hate looking at. Check out the following ideas and take it from there. Before you know it, you`ll have window treatments you love.

Drapes, also called curtains, are an easy way to bring your personality into a room. They usually contain lengths of fabric, which allow them to drape over the curtain rods or hooks above the windows. Long drapes that puddle on the floor are classic and look elegant in formal sitting rooms and master bedrooms. Choose a rich color that blends with your decor but isn`t so bright that they become the focal point, which can detract from everything else the room has to offer. For example, chocolate brown or deep burgundy is ideal for a parlor, while creamy white or blue works well for a bedroom. Shorter drapes are perfect for kitchen and dining room windows. They are also a great choice for kids` rooms because they`ll hang out of the way of the play space and away from the furniture. These rooms are ideal for choosing patterned curtains to give life to the room and lend a touch of whimsy. Try a chevron or polka dot pattern in the kitchen or a beach scene in a boy`s room. Again, your interior decorator can help you choose colors and patterns that work well with your existing furniture, paint colors and decor.

Blinds and shades are good if you prefer clean lines or don`t like all the extra fabric hanging from the windows. Solid white brings light and a sense of cleanliness to wide open rooms like parlors, outdoor patios and bedrooms. Deep wooden colors are perfect for more formal rooms and pair well with deep colors and wood floors. Let your interior decorator show you photos so you can get a sense of how the different options might look in the rooms.

Complete the look of your window treatments with accessories. Your interior decorator might suggest curtain ties, decorative hooks and rods or a valance. Curtain ties allow you to move your curtains back and hold them away from the window. Hooks on the wall are another option. You can really bring personality to a window treatment by choosing a fancy curtain rod. Opt for one in brushed nickel for an elegant look or a wooden one to mesh with wood floors and Forrest Furnishing . Top blinds or shades with a valance in a fun color or pattern that adds to the look of your room without overwhelming it. No matter what look you want, your interior decorator can help you get the perfect style that you`ll love showing off.