When you buy window treatments for your Manhattan home, you probably don’t plan on replacing them for a while. Although most window treatments have a lifespan of ten years, people tend to hang on to them for even longer. While it’s reasonable to keep them if they’re properly functioning, if you notice any of the signs below, you should replace your window treatments as soon as you can. Is it time to replace your window treatments Manhattan? For new high-quality window solutions, look for a reputable window treatment vendor in New York City, like Royal Window Treatments.


Bent or Worn Slats

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds give your home a sophisticated look when they are in good condition. Unfortunately, heat damage can cause these elegant window treatments to warp over an extended period of time. If only a few slats are warped, a repair expert should be able to replace them without any difficulty. However, if the majority of the slats need to be replaced, you’re better off replacing your entire treatment.



Fresh white shades and blinds add a clean and fresh look to any home. But, these light-colored window treatments can yellow with time. If your window treatments are starting to look dirty, you can try washing or spot cleaning them. Make sure to carefully follow the cleaning instructions for your type of window treatment. If you’ve tried cleaning them but have had no luck, it’s time to replace your window treatments. Feel free to mix it up or purchase shades of the same color. If you want to avoid buying window treatments Manhattan that turn yellow, a darker window solution will do the trick. 


Frayed Cords

Blind cords usually last several years, although they tend to become worn and fray over time. Frayed cords are a safety hazard for your children and pets since they can cause heavy blinds to break or fall when pulled. Replace your blinds immediately to prevent a dangerous situation. We recommend replacing your blinds with cordless options


Outdated Design

Just like everything else in your home, window treatments can become outdated. Say goodbye to the same old mini blinds or busy curtains that have been in your home for the last ten years. It’s time for a revamp!


Don’t Meet Your Needs

Window treatments don’t just add visual interest to your home but they also perform a variety of functions. Working window treatments should provide you with insulation, privacy, and protect you and your furnishings from harmful UV rays. If your current window treatments Manhattan are damaged or old they might not perform the functions that they were intended to. Switching to newer and functional window treatments will provide you with all the intended benefits and even help you save money on your energy bills!


Difficult to Raise/Lower

If you are having difficulty raising or lowering your window treatments, the lifting mechanism of your window treatments may be damaged. If you don’t replace them soon, you run the risk of them falling down when someone pulls on them too hard. Replace your window treatments Manhattan with new ones ASAP to avoid further frustration!


Experiencing Drafts/High Energy Bills

If you’re experiencing drafts, your windows may need to be replaced. However, if you’re a renter you may not have this option. Fortunately, the right window treatments can actually minimize drafts while lowering your energy bills! If you’re suffering from drafts or high energy bills, we recommend purchasing honeycomb shades for your windows. Honeycomb shades (aka cellular shades) have honeycomb shaped cells that trap air and keep it from escaping your windows. For additional insulation, you also have the option of pairing your honeycomb shades with curtains. 


Ready to Replace Your Window Treatments? Contact Royal Window Treatments 

Why put up with your outdated and dysfunctional window treatments, when you can replace them? If your window treatments start showing one or two of the signs above, you can replace them with superior window treatments that will last you for many years to come. If you live in Manhattan, Royal Window Treatments is a window treatments shop that has a wide selection of high-quality and affordable window treatments, from roman shades to wood blinds! Give us a call today to speak to one of our designers or to get started on replacing your current window treatments Manhattan.